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The Golden Tricycle

Read more about ETH Zurich's accolade awarded yearly to team leaders who enable their team members to reconcile work and family life...


The Golden Tricycle 2015

Nominations for the Golden Tricycle Award 2015 can be submitted until September 16. For more information see the Golden Tricycle Award website.

Summer Break Activities 2015 at ETH Zurich – 'FerienSpass'

In a course of the annual ProJuventute program 'FerienSpass' girls and boys created and programmed robots who then could dance to their favourite music.

The kihz Foundation Crèche has more space

Since may 2015 the day nursery has room for a new infant group and an activity toom at ETH Campus Hönggerberg

Hello Kids - Service point for childcare

Since December 2014 ETH Zürich has a service point for childcare. It helps ETH employees and students to find a suitable childcare place in the city of Zurich or their municipality of residence.

Golden Tricycle 2014

The Golden Tricycle 2014 was awarded to Prof. Dr. Stefano Brusoni at the ETH staff party on the 22nd of August. Congratulations!

Summer Break Activities 2014 at ETH Zurich – 'FerienSpass'

As part of Pro Juventute’s annual holiday club in Zurich, eight girls enjoy an action-packed day of experimenting at ETH Zurich’s Hönggerberg campus.

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center helps people coming from abroad to work at the ETH with topics such as immigration, finding accommodation, childcare and living and working in Switzerland.

Summer Break Activities at ETH Zurich – 'FerienSpass'

Girls can be an ETH scientist for one day! Together with Pro Juventute the ETH organizes programs in summer that allow girls to get an impression of scientific research


The winner of the Golden Tricycle 2013 is Ulrike Lohmann, professor of Atmospheric Physics at the Department of Environmental Systems Science. The 7th awardee was honored at the annual Christmas Gathering of the Executive Board on December, 12. Martin Sack, representative of the AVETH highlighted in his honorary speech how Ulrike Lohmann sought individual solutions together with her employees. Some of her alumnae made great careers at MIT and Yale showing that family-friendly leaderships does not thwart excellent research.

How to Combine Commitment at Work and Being a "Good" Father? Fathers Discuss their Way of Living. 25 September in Zurich (In Geman only)

On the 25th of September 2013 the Office for equal opportunities of ETH Zurich is holding a panel discussion on the topic "what does it mean to be a «good father»?". It is generally agreed that fathers should take enough time for their familiy. But statistics show, that the amount of working hours increases after the birth of a child. Not even one in ten fathers cuts back on his job for family reasons. Does this mean that almost every father is a «bad father»? Is a high level of commitment compatible with positively lived fatherhood?

More (German only)

Day Care during School Holidays

The kihz Foundation is running holiday weeks for the children of university personnel. All-day childcare will be provided during these weeks. Parents working at UZH and ETHZ contribute to the costs based on their financial ability, external parents pay full.


Science City Junior - Children's programme

Certain Treffpunkt Sunday events in March and April include a special children's programme, focused on the same theme as the main event. The programme offers children aged 5 years and older the opportunity to learn about a scientific topic in a fun way. While parents attend a short lecture, kids can handicraft, play and experiment with the subject matter thus acquiring hands-on knowledge



The winner of the Golden Tricycle Award 2012 is Peter Bühlmann, professor for mathematics. The 6th awardee was honored at the annual Christmas Gathering of the Executive Board at Hönggerberg. In their nomination the team members say Mr. Bühlmann was a role model for themselves in finding a good balance of professional and familiy life.


Working in the lab during pregnancy and lactation?

The SGU staff informs about all relevant aspects in two workshops on January, 15 (GE) and 16 (EN) in Zentrum and on Hönggerberg respectively.


The Golden Tricycle 2012

The price for a particularly family-friendly superior of ETH is awarded at the Christmas gathering of the Executive Board on December 18 at Hönggerberg.

Previous laureates

National Future Day on November 8th

On the National Future Day, ETH employees can bring their 10 to 13 year old children to work, so that they get an idea of what their job is about, and even delegate some tasks to them. In the afternoon, Equal! will organize an event at both the Zentrum and the Hönggerberg campuses.


Mother’s Lunch on November 5th

Twice a year Equal! organizes the ETH Mother's Lunch at ETH Zentrum and Hönggerberg. Female scientists and members of the administrative staff with children have the opportunity to meet and discuss beyond the own lab or office in a casual atmosphere.


Nominate Your Superior for the Golden Tricycle Award 2012

The Golden Tricycle Award yearly is given to a particularly familiy-friendly ETH superior. All ETH employees are as of now kindly invited to write an e-mail of nomination in which they highlight their superiors efforts to facilitate the reconciliation of work and family. The jury adheres in its decision to the criteria of family-friendlyness at ETH.

Mother's Lunch

We are glad that this years’ Mother’s Lunches at Zentrum and Hönggerberg were a great success. About 30 female scientists and members of the administrative staff with children seized the opportunity to meet and discuss beyond the own lab or office in a casual atmosphere. A warm thank-you goes to D-PHYS that sponsored this years’s event.


Neurobiologist Claire Jacob is awarded the SNF’s Marie Heim-Vögtlin Price 2012 for her remarkable findings about the development of the insulating layers of neurons, which contribute to a better understanding of affections of the spinal cord. During her work as a postdoc at ETH Jacob already received fundings of the Heim-Vögtlin programme due to her family obligations. Her success story illustrates that with an appropriate support family and excellent research can be reconciled.

ETH Forerunner with Dual Career Programmes

In April 2011 researchers at all Swiss universities and at ETH Zurich and Lausanne were asked for their views on partnership, family and academic career. The survey aimed at understanding the researcher’s personal situations and the relevance of fostering dual career couples (DCC). The findings now published show that ETH has exemplarily institutionalized DCC measurements. Furthermore, it has been approved that the advancement of DCC is highly effective in order to foster equal opportunities in academia.

Abstract and download (German only)


During the Christmas Reception of ETH's Executive Board, Ludwig J. Gauckler, Professor for Nonmetallic Materials, was awarded the Golden Tricycle 2011 for his strong commitment to family-friendly workplace policies. His team emphasized that Prof. Gauckler values achievement of objectives higher than mere attendance at the workplace. This disburdens equally all staff members when urgent cases of family commitment or illness occur and fosters loyalty and motivation among them…

The Golden Tricycle

Dodgy Single-Sex Schooling

A US-study shows that single-sex schooling lacks scientific support and argues that there is evidence that sex segregation increases gender stereotyping and legitimizes institutional sexism. On the other hand German educationists say that there is good proof that girls profit from single-sex education in male stereotyped subjects like physics.

Science 333, 09/2011 (subscription necessary)
Süddeutsche Zeitung [23.9.11]

Reconciling Research and Family

The SNF’s Marie Heim-Vögtlin Program aims at fostering careers of young female researchers especially with children for 20 years now. Portraits of former successful scholars show that it is possible to reconcile research and family also at an early stage of a career.
Marie Heim-Vögtlin Programme – 20 Years Anniversary

ETH-Activities for Girls

What is air pressure, how do clouds form, and why does it rain at all? As part of the FerienPlausch program, girls have the opportunity to participate in activities at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science at ETH Zurich. To enrol for this and further activities for children during the summer break, visit the FerienPlausch website or register at the Central tram station’s ticket shop (VBZ ticketeria).


ETH Activities for Kids

From February to Mai ETH's science programme for the public «Treffpunkt Science City» offers lectures and workshops for girls and boys interested in science and technology from 5 years up.

Science City Junior

The Golden Tricycle 2011

The Golden Tricycle is awarded each year to a family-friendly supervisor. All members of the staff are invited to nominate his or her supervisor by sending a mail with a short motivation. Candidates will be evaluated by a jury according to criteria such as working hours, organization, management and personal attitude.
Deadline for nominations is November 12, 2011.

The winner will then be officially awarded the “Golden Tricycle” during the Christmas Reception of the executive board of ETH Zurich on December 12, 2011.

Previsous laureates

What Men Want!

Survey on the topic of reconciling career and family life

Nine out of ten men would like to work part time. That is one of the results which had been reached by a new study of «Pro Familia» that had been launched by the inner-department of the canton St. Gallen

More information and download (German only)

Survey on the Family-Friendliness of Companies in the Cantons of Basel-Stadt and Zurich

For the survey, which was conducted in September 2009, about 750 business executives and HR officers were interviewed. ETH Zurich also participated in the survey.

Results (PDF)


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